Press Release 18th September 2008


Behind the screen

cinec – International Trade Fair for Motion Picture Technology
20th – 22nd September 2008 - M,O,C, Munich

The core of each film is the story. Even in times of digital recording, animation, visual effects and elaborate 3/4-D- technologies, the following has to be considered: There is no great film without a fascinating story.

But the perfect illusion for the audience cannot be accomplished without the best equipment for the cinematographer during the film production:

Analogue and digital cameras, stabilizing systems, dollies, cranes, filters, lenses, control systems, Tungsten, Daylight, film scanners, storage systems, accumulators, projectors and moving systems – only a manifold world behind the screen enables the audience to experience the terrific universe of the film.

An internationally established and well-known marketplace for the products of the film industry is the trade fair for motion picture technology, the cinec, which takes place in Munich for the seventh time from 20th – 22nd September. A large amount of the motion picture technology which is used worldwide originates from Munich and its surrounding neighbourhood. Not only numerous global market leaders are based here, there are also small and innovative developers who contribute to Bavaria’s international reputation in the field of motion picture technology.

The cinecForum “The Future of Cinematography” discusses the future chances and challenges of the new digital world of film. The subject of the threatening decay of the media as far as digital storage is concerned is highly explosive: The conservation of the cultural and economic asset film for future generations demands new possibilities in long-time-storage of the extensive data material. A special lecture program with interdisciplinary speakers from the film- and museum industry concentrates on this topic on Monday, 22nd of September.

The highly innovative potential of cinec’s exhibitors can also be observed at the presentation of the treasured cinecAward: 30 exhibitors applied for it. It is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of motion picture technology. The ceremony takes place on Saturday, 20th September in Munich’s Old Town Hall. Host is Dr Reinhard Wieczorek from the Department of Labor and Economic Development Munich.

Motion picture technology is HighTech – on Monday, 22nd September, State Minister Eberhard Sinner will walk around the trade fair to view the latest developments.


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