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Press Release 27th September 2012 - cinec 2012 - a big success
Press Release 24th September 2012 - cinecAwards 2012
Press Release 18th September 2012 - Significant changes in the film industry
Press Release 7th September 2012 - cineCongress 2012
Press Release 3rd August 2012 - Building bridges between art and technology
Press Release 22nd June 2012: Only three months to go!
Press Release 21st May 2012: Creating magical moments
Press Release 13th March 2012: Cine technology in the limelight
Press Release 20th January 2012: Creating success

Archive press releases by exhibitors of cinec 2012

service-drone GmbH - Stand 2-E30, SD presents the latest camera copters of the 3rd Generation at the cinec (pdf, 200 KB)
Band Pro Munich GmbH - Stand 3-C18, "CINEC Highlight 2012: Oscar Preisträger Vilmos  Zsigmond bei Band Pro Munich" (pdf, 212 KB)
cmotion - Stand 3-C14, "COMPACT LCS – the new experience in budget lens control" (pdf, 2MB)
Thales Angénieux - Stand 3-E08, "Thales Angénieux Takes Center Stage at Cinec 2012 Trade Fair" (pdf, 130 KB)
Thales Angénieux - Stand 3-E08, "Thales Angénieux Offers Unmatched Zoom Lens Lineup for S35+mm and Large Sensor Cameras" (pdf, 150 KB)
Bundesvereinigung der Filmschaffenden-Verbände e.V.  - Stand 2-A40, "Die Filmschaffenden auf der cinec" (pdf, 93 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "Tripline Safety Line System" (pdf, 270 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "Dirty Rigger® Plasa Show sales increase by nearly 30%" (160 KB)
Dreamwalks - Stand 2-D10 "Photokina/cinec Special" (pdf, 290 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "Tool Lanyards" (pdf, 250 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "Le Mark launch the Venta-Cool" (pdf, 230 KB)
Schnittpunkt UG - Stand 2-A32 "Schnittpunkt, Photon Beard und Digital Juice auf der cinec" (73 KB)
K5600 Lighting France - Stand 3-A23 "K5600 Lighting 1600 program" (pdf, 220 KB)
movie-intercom LightingFX Tools - Stand 3-A20 "Natural looking lighting effects" (pdf, 35 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "SUB ZERO GLOVES" (pdf, 250 KB)
KFLECT - Stand 2-A20 "KFLECT-RLS by Kaczek Visuals" (pdf, 78 KB)
Le Mark - Stand 2-D20 "Olympic Flooring at cinec" (pdf, 32 KB)
CineBags Inc. - Stand 3-A63 "CineBags introduces CB27 Lens Smuggler at Cinec" (pdf, 190 KB)
Geo Film Group - Stand 3-B02 "Geo Film Group Introduces: ALPHA STABILIZED" (pdf, 76 KB)
Rotolight - Stand 3-B40 "Rotolight launch new accessory range with Portabrace" (pdf, 50 KB)
SRI Radio Systems GmbH - Stand 3-C36 "SRI präsentiert ihre Innovation Wireless Video Technologie in HD auf der Cinec" (pdf, 53 KB)

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