Press Release 7th September 2012


cinec – International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technology
22 -  24 September 2012
MOC Munich, Germany

cineCongress – The Future of Cinematography
21 September, ARRI cinema Munich
22 - 24 September, MOC Munich

The world of film and TV is undergoing significant changes: Digitalisation, convergence of media and IT, a growing number of competitors, new ways of distribution as well as altered user behavior make new formats, technologies and development necessary. An upsurge in innovation is caused by these changes and can be benefited from. How this is possible will be discussed at the cineCongress THE FUTURE OF CINEMATOGRAPHY, which accompanies the cinec. The program is now online.

The cinec is not only about technology. It is also about how it can be used. When more than 170 world leading manufacturers and retailers present their innovations at Europe’s leading International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technology from 22nd – 24th September, this will be accompanied by an extensive program of lectures, presentations and discussions.

Friday, 21st September: Already one day before the start of the cinec trade show, trends and tendencies in research will be discussed in the ARRI cinema (Türkenstr. 91, Munich): Topics will be technologies, formats and efficiency of cinematography, extended color spaces in color correction and image monitoring, characteristics and limitations of digital color photography and the effects of a higher spatial resolution and a higher frame rate acquisition. The latest NEC laser projector will be used for the screening and is also to be seen during the cinec.

Saturday, 22nd September:
On Saturday morning, education in German film schools and media academies will be analyzed and discussed (in German).
Last cinec’s conference program was dedicated to Stereo 3D. In 2010, it was the hot topic; nowadays, some people refer to it as short-lived hype.  But numbers tell something else: last year, every ninth film was released also as 3D-version and almost every fourth cinema ticket was bought for a 3D movie. The cinematographer and 3D expert Alaric Hamacher will therefore take a close look at the current situation. Afterwards, selected Stereo 3D productions will be presented and awarded the Virtual Experience Excellence Award. Also on this day, the measurement system Prisma will be introduced, testing human 3D perception.

Sunday, 23rd September: New lighting is the topic on Sunday morning and experts will talk about LED in comparison to classic studio light as well as expectations and limitations of the new light.
Band Pro Munich will demonstrate their 4k film “Kickstart Theft” (Director: Frederic Goodich, DOP: Vilmos Zsigmond).
In the afternoon, quality standards in German TV will be looked into (in German), afterwards the Fraunhofer Institute will talk about higher frame rates as in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit – what does the latest research say about this technical challenge for digital cinema?
A round table discussion will treat a somehow neglected topic: Production preparation. The way from the screenplay to the first shot will be dealt with.

Monday, 24th September: Munich is a global center for motion picture technology. Not only the leading camera manufacturer ARRI has got their headquarters here, but also a number of other internationally renowned brands of the film industry are produced in Bavaria.
A discussion (in German) on the location and on cine technology in Bavaria will kick off the last day of the cinec. In the afternoon, new multiple formats in production, distribution and archive will be looked into, as well as second screen and HbbTV, Google TV, Social TV and further new trends in smart TV.

The world of film and TV is undergoing significant changes, which cause an upsurge in innovation. It’s not always easy to keep track, but cinec makes it possible: come and see, discuss and test hands-on – in the ARRI cinema on 21st September, in the MOC Events Center in Munich from 22nd – 24th September.

The detailled program with topics and speakers can be found online.

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