One of the most attractive exhibition sites in the world

The city with its theaters, concerts and exhibitions, with its historic and modern architecture and with its cosmopolitan shopping facilities, a city typically offering haute cuisine and regional gastronomy to be enjoyed all along, is an ideal place for business and entertainment. Above all in the sunny month of September, when the beer gardens attract thousands and when the first barrel of beer is tapped at the famous Oktoberfest, which, incidentally, will also start during the cinec.

Munich offers a wide variety of restaurants with regional and international cuisine, which provide refreshment after the trade fair.

Munich - a media city

The trade fair location Munich is the top media metropolis in Germany, much of the motion picture technology employed worldwide originates from Bavaria. Due to the concentration of the suppliers located here, the whole value chain is covered - with all the resulting synergies. These factors are also expressed in cinec.

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Hotels cinec 2020

Please note: At the same time as the cinec the Oktoberfest and numerous other events will take place in Munich. We therefore recommend to book accommodation as early as possible!

As the MOC is located in the North of Munich, it is advisable to also consider hotels outside / north of Munich.

Hotels around the MOC

A list of hotels in the vicinity of the MOC events center can be downloaded from the MOC website:

Hotels & pensions list

Local accommodation services

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Munich Hotel Association
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Munich Hotel Alliance
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Hotel Guide of Munich International Trade Fairs

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Foto/Photo: H.Gebhardt, München Tourismus

Foto/Photo: Sigi Müller, München Tourismus

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