Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there a registration deadline?
There is no deadline for registration. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend an early booking of your stand space with regard to the positioning as well as to the ideal preparation and promotion of your participation.

2) What are the deadlines for additional orders?
Please find the deadlines on the respective order forms. We recommend ordering any stand construction or rental furnishings 4 weeks before the beginning of the fair at the latest, as there might be delivery bottlenecks later. Please note that the subcontractors surcharge for orders from 14 days before the beginning of the fair.

3) Are stand partition walls included in the stand fee?
Stand partition walls of any kind are not included in the stand fee.

4) How many exhibitor passes can we get? Will they be sent to us?
The exhibitor passes will be issued personalised for the present stand staff.
The number of free exhibitor passes is based upon the stand space (up to 20 sqm of booth space 4 passes. A further pass will be provided for each additional 10 sqm or part thereof.) Additional exhibitors' passes can be obtained from the trade-fair management for an extra charge of 35 EUR. You can collect your exhibitor passes at the cinec Info-Counter.

5) Where is the next underground station? How long does it take to get from the city center to the MOC?
The MOC Events Center is close to the underground station Kieferngarten, 15 minutes from Marienplatz with underground line U6. It is a five minute walk from the station to the MOC. Please find all timetables and fares at

6) Where can I park my car at the MOC?
Parking permits for the underground parking in the MOC are available with costs, see order form (Exhibiting - Stand Construction, Furniture, Order Forms and Guidelines). Maximum clearance height: 2.20 m. Vehicles higher than 2.20 m on request.


7) Do I have to pay VAT as an exhibitor from abroad?
Thanks to the amendment of the German Sales Tax legislation (UStG) of 1 January 2011, under certain circumstances, exhibitors from outside Germany will be entitled to receive invoices free of VAT (currently 19 %).

8) Can I store my exhibits on site?
The company Schenker Eurocargo AG offers a storage service.

Delivery address:
Schenker Eurocargo AG, MOC Lilienthalallee 40, D- 80939 München
with the additional remark: cinec, Hall ...., Stand-No.... and exhibitor.
Contact: Mr Stöger, Phone: +49-89 - 3241125, FAX +49-89 - 3241102
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The costs for delivered goods (unloading, storage, taking out of store, delivery to the stand before the exhibition begins, haulage commission) are graded according to weight. A detailed list of prices is available at Schenker Eurocargo AG.

9) Are there any rooms for meetings available?
Yes, the MOC offers a number of conference rooms of different sizes. Please contact us for details and prices. You can also look at the plans at

10. How can I apply for the cinecAward?
Every exhibitor of the cinec is able to apply for the cinecAward. You find more information here: cinecAward.

11) Can I attend the presentation of the cinecAward? How much does it cost?
Exhibitors will receive an invitation. A handling fee of €200 per entry will be charged.